Strategic Management – A Case Study
Strategic Management – A Case Study
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Over the past two weeks we have created blogs on strategic management, and considered strategic thinking and strategic planning as separate aspects.

This week to cement the process, we’re using the example of one of our clients, to illustrate the strategic management process in practice.

Throughout the process, Funding Track have been working closely with the client, consulting on his complex funding requirements.

The Plan

The client is an experienced property developer, who as part of his expansion plans, is now beginning to undertake large multiple development projects.

He is looking at several development schemes in London and the South East of England, the first scheme being a £28 million development of 55 flats in London.

Funding Track have been instructed to arrange the required funding, consulting on all aspects of the financial negotiations up to and including completion.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking not only allows you to harness your skills, expertise and resources, but also helps inform the plan of action.

In strategically thinking through his action plan, our client has clearly defined the following aspects of the project.


Our client’s expansion involves undertaking large multiple development projects. He has therefore carried out extensive market research, and has a clearly defined direction.

Organisation & Resources

He has also identify the aims, objectives, and the organisational structure he will need to help him fulfil his plans. This has included identifying and appointing the management team and various support roles including:

On the legal and finance side he has appointed a specialist property solicitor, an accountant and tax adviser and Funding Track to help with arranging and structuring the finance.

Additionally, our client has obtained the backing of several high net worth investors, putting together a fund to work exclusively on large scale property projects.

On the funding side, a key requirement is being able to access both senior debt and mezzanine finance. Funding Track have therefore been appointed as the broker to structure the bespoke funding packages needed for each project.

Crucially, our client realised that failure to put in place all the necessary resources at this stage in the process, could result in significant delays once projects were underway. And of course, whilst strategic thinking is important for carrying out any property development project, it is equally true in any business involved in undertaking new or existing projects.

Strategic Planning

Once you have developed your thinking it must be fully documented. This creates a robust business plan.

As we have commented in our blog on strategic planning, it is vital that you document the planning process. It is your blueprint for success. However, it should also remain fluid to allow for amendment or realignment of goals and objectives.

Having identified all the resources needed for his development projects, our client has organised the entire process into an effective plan, ensuring that good communication occurs throughout.

An ongoing review of your business plan is also vital. It permits realignment of your goals, and streamlining of your processes. It is impossible to create the perfect business plan the first time round. So, reviewing it regularly, will refine the process and help improve your plan for future projects.

A business plan clearly sets out the process and order of events. It also provides clear instruction to the management team on exactly what is required of them at each step in the process. Lastly it specifies the framework for reporting, analysis and review.

The Final Word

Our property developer client provides an excellent example of strategic management in action. In particular, our client placed a significant amount of effort in the strategic thinking phase.

Strategic planning is vital, and is a key component of the process. However, the planning process is made more straightforward by taking the time to ‘think’ beforehand.

Strategic thinking and strategic planning both take time and effort. But ultimately, they will help you undertake any project, be it large or small, more effectively. And in the long run, this will save you time and money!

If you are considering a new project why not get in touch and see how we can support you. We are open for business as usual, and would be only too happy to discuss how we can help you fund your next project.

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