Property Developers: Find Out How Funding Ready You Are

Over the years, I’ve found that property developers usually have one thing in common. When they need to carry out a project they need funding. And of course, a lack of funding can cause delays, [...]

What is Development Exit Finance? – Part 1

A report by Which? last month examined the housing market and what Brexit will mean for house prices. Go here if you want to read the report in full: One of the metrics they used as a way of [...]

Property Developers Tips – Tip 4

Welcome back to the fourth and final video in our series where I’ve been offering tips to property developers as they think about and prepare for their next project. Having arranged in excess of [...]

Property Developers Tips – Tip 3

Welcome back to the third tip in a video series I’m doing where I’m offering tips to property developers. As I mentioned in my last blog, I’ve helped over 7,000 property developers arrange the [...]

Property Developers Tips – Tip 2

Welcome back to the second in a video series I am doing where I’m offering tips to property developers. As a result of arranging funding for over 7,000 property developers, I’ve picked up some [...]

Property Developers Tips – Tip 1

Over the next four weeks I’m doing a series of blogs where I provide tips for property developers as they consider their next project. As you will see, these tips have been done as a video series [...]