Rules for Success: Part 7

This week sees the conclusion of our series on rules for success to boost your business, as provided by a variety of notable figures. We have learned how Roger Federer and Serena Williams have [...]

Rules for Success: Part 5

In recent weeks, we have been taking inspiration from successful figures that have conquered their field, achieving success in business or the public arena. As we have already noted in previous [...]

Rules for Success: Part 3

We have been running a series of posts sharing rules for success in business, as noted by prominent people from the business, sport and entertainment industries. So far we have considered [...]

Don’t Just Survive – Thrive!

For many business owners the pandemic is the most significant challenge faced to date. No matter what your discipline or area of business, the pressure is on from every angle. In this article we [...]

Rules for Success: Part 2

We are currently running a series on rules for success from prominent members of society, hailing from the sports, entertainment and business worlds. Last week we started with Roger Federer and [...]

Rules for Success: Part 1

Do you have your own rules for success? At times of crisis many of us turn to inspirational quotations, sayings and mantras to boost our morale. Familiar idioms can help to put us back on the [...]

Cash Flow vs Profit – Part 2

Last week we talked about cash flow and profit and why it’s important to understand the difference between the two. We also looked at an example which illustrated that even when a business is [...]

Will It Make the Boat Go Faster? – Part Two

In last week’s blog, I introduced you to a fascinating book I’ve just finished reading called “Will It Make the Boat Go Faster?” which offered strategic tools that can be applied to business [...]

Will It Make the Boat Go Faster? – Part One

We like to keep you up to date with the latest news from the world of business finance. In addition, we also want to help you run your business more effectively by sharing helpful tips, tools and [...]

Is a Lack of Finance Holding You Back?

A recent survey completed by the financial institution IWOCA revealed that, out of a 1000 SME’s contacted, 20% reported a lack of finance as the biggest obstacle to running a business. A similar [...]

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