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Welcome to Funding Track

If you are looking to start up a new business or expand an existing one, the question of finance inevitably raises its head. Raising that finance is probably one of the biggest challenges facing any business owner.

Funding Track’s mission is to help find you the solution to raising the finance you need – to start and to grow your business, to translate your entrepreneurial ideas into reality and to give you the financial freedom that makes all of that possible.

Who we are

Having made the journey as a successful businessman himself, Funding Track’s founder director, Keith Park is firmly of the view that:

“Practically every business owner starts up in business for one reason – freedom. Freedom of time, freedom to see more of family and friends, freedom to take holidays. And, not least, financial freedom”.

Helping businesses to pursue that quest for financial freedom, Keith Park, has spent the past 25 years arranging business and commercial finance – he has run his own brokerage firms since 1997 and launched Funding Track his most recent venture, just two years ago.

His experience has taught him some of the harsh lessons likely to be faced by practically any business owner – and the elusive search for financial freedom becomes anything but that in reality, by virtue of:

  • the bank’s decision to curtail or even cancel a vital overdraft facility;
  • business loan applications which are refused;
  • customers who suddenly cancel a valuable order;
  • outstanding invoices which customers leave unpaid; and
  • the cashflow problems which inevitably arise as a direct result of such challenges.

What we do

As a Business Finance Guide published by the British Business Bank advises, the appropriate financing decisions need to be taken by the owner whatever the difficulties and challenges faced by the business.

Only too aware just how critical those financing decisions are likely to be, we make it our business to help find the solutions.

We have already helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs by providing them with the bespoke funding solutions they need in order to help them grow and develop their businesses – and we can help your business too.

With first-hand experience of the challenges faced, we work in partnership with you the business owner to help you achieve the personal and financial freedom you are looking for. And that’s where our specialist knowledge of the market and access to financing solutions comes in.

Finding the solution for you

Thanks to our close working partnerships with a range of the UK’s lending institutions, the many and varied solutions we are able to provide include:

  • business loans;
  • commercial mortgages;
  • property funding;
  • bridging loans;
  • invoice discounting; and
  • asset finance

Experience has shown that there is often no single, simple financing solution. Instead, and in tandem with business owners, we look to structure a complete funding package that not only delivers the immediate funding that is necessary, but also provides the confidence and reassurance needed by those business owners to be able to get on and do what they do best – run their business, knowing that financial freedom for the business has been secured.