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The Triple “A” Funding System – Step Three – Funding Roadmap

In last week’s blog we continued our look at the Triple “A” Funding System, which is the 9-step ‘roadmap’ we use every time we work with a client looking for business finance.

And last week we finished off step two of the process, called the Deep Dive Evaluation.

This week we move on to the third step, what we call the Funding Roadmap.

By the time we are ready to issue our clients with their Funding Roadmap, we have carried out a full appraisal of their funding requirements and understand in detail their specific needs.

And the Funding Roadmap is exactly that – a roadmap.

Its purpose is to is to provide our clients with a clear strategy and direction for the way forward with their loan application, so that they know exactly where they’re going and how they’re going to get there.

The Funding Roadmap provides our clients with the following information:

  • Details of who the borrower is to be
  • Confirmation of what the terms of a loan are likely to be
  • The cost of setting up the finance
  • What type of lender we will be approaching
  • An outline of any additional information that we still require

The Funding Roadmap is a formal document and forms part of the Triple “A” Funding System that we take every client through when they apply for finance.

Importantly, it confirms two things. Firstly, it means we understand in detail our clients funding requirements. It would be impossible for us to provide the information contained within the Funding Roadmap without us having first analysed and understood our client’s deal.

And the second important point is that the client also understands the process and the way forward.

This means we are therefore in a position to take our clients formal instructions. We won’t take formal instructions from any client until we have gone through in detail the Analysis Phase of the Triple “A” Funding System.


We think it is critical to carry out a thorough analysis of your funding requirements. If you are using a broker who doesn’t take the time to carefully understand your deal, or you don’t understand how they can help you, my advice would be: don’t use them.

There are plenty of excellent commercial finance brokers out there, so you don’t need to instruct one who is looking to arrange your finance on a promise or a ‘wing and a prayer’.

If you think a broker doesn’t fully understand your funding requirements, then go with your first instinct, because you’re probably right. In that situation, don’t instruct them.

Only once a thorough analysis of your funding requirements has been carried out, are you ready to move onto the next step in the process.

When making a formal application to one of our lenders, we use a unique process called the Six Stage Funding Analysis, which is step four in the Triple “A” Funding System.

More on that next week.