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Rules for Success: Part 7

This week sees the conclusion of our series on rules for success to boost your business, as provided by a variety of notable figures.

We have learned how Roger Federer and Serena Williams have driven themselves to excel in professional tennis. Through the determined application of their success code, they have achieved great feats and are inspirational in both their professional and personal pursuits.

Our series has also explored the driving force behind renowned figures in entertainment who have gone on to dominate in other areas such as business and politics: Dwayne Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Finally we have considered a few words of wisdom from distinguished members of the business world such as Richard Branson and Elon Musk.

All have demonstrated an unwavering dedication to their goal and a total belief in themselves; maintaining the ability to turn every failure into their next success.

To conclude the series we have chosen to turn the spotlight on Daymond John, the entrepreneur, motivational speaker and mentor.

Daymond John has had many successes however, is perhaps best known for his involvement in The Shark Tank, the American equivalent of the BBC programme Dragons Den, in which entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to a panel. He is also the CEO and founder of FUBU, one of the most successful sportswear companies of all time.

He has evolved from a successful fashion icon to one of the most sought after branding experts and motivational speakers. So let’s see what advice he has to share.

Daymond John’s 5 Secrets for Success:

1. Set a goal – you can’t achieve a goal you can’t see

2. Homework – you must do your homework

3. Amor – you must love what you do

4. Brand – remember you are the brand

5. Keep going – don’t give up

Are you a little disappointed? Did you expect someone with this level of success to provide you with the one secret to success you are missing? It’s okay to say yes!

However that’s the point, and something we have endeavoured to highlight throughout this series. There is no point searching for a hidden truth, all you need to know is there. And more to the point, you probably know it already, you just need to believe it, and pursue it with dedication.

The Final Word

So that’s it, the last in our series of our rules for success to boost your business. Our main takeaway from this series is that less is more! Or in the words of one of history’s great thinkers:

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.


You know what you want to achieve. Hopefully you have decided you won’t accept failure as anything other than a learning tool. What else is there, but the journey to the realisation of your dream.

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