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Notes from our files!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been telling the stories behind some of the recent deals we’ve done.

They’ll have given you an insight into the types of funding we can arrange, and also help you understand some of the ways in which we’ve assisted our clients get finance.

Among others, these stories have included clients looking for funds for a supermarket purchase, the expansion of a children’s day nursery, high speed bridging finance and property development and investment.

In other words, how we’ve arranged funding for clients across a variety of different business sectors to enable them to purchase, refinance or expand.

As we come to the end of this series of “notes from our files” I thought it would be helpful to provide the “headlines” from a broad range of deals we’ve done to give you a full overview of the types of funding where we can help.

So here’s some “notes from our files”:

  • £700,000 – to provide bridging finance for purchase of a large country property
  • £91,000 – to acquire residential investment property with regulated tenants
  • £190,000 – to provide 100% funding to buy a newsagent
  • £112,000 – to provide ‘buy-in’ finance for a sports and leisure centre
  • £1,350,000 – to carry out residential development of ten flats
  • £485,000 – to provide 100% funding to enable solicitors practice to buy new offices
  • £1,115,000 – to restructure commercial property investment funding
  • £220,000 – to acquire a fish and chip shop
  • £100,000 – to provide working capital secured against 120 acres of woodland
  • £295,000 – to purchase leasehold supermarket
  • £900,000 – to enable MBO of chain of fast-food outlets
  • £217,000 – to provide 90% funding to assist scaffolding company to expand
  • £5,500,000 – to carry out a residential development of 19 flats
  • £480,000 – to assist with the acquisition of a public house
  • £330,000 – to refinance buy-to-let property
  • £75,000 – to provide cash flow finance for an IT software company
  • £6,000,000 – to provide property development finance for a large country estate
  • £190,000 – to assist pension fund acquire further investment properties
  • £275,000 – to purchase and refurbish an HMO property
  • £35,000 – to provide cashflow finance for an employment agency
  • £227,000 – to capital raise against a commercial investment property
  • £2,200,000 – to develop a large 8,000 square foot luxury house with swimming pool
  • £295,000 – to help a motorcycle retailer to expand
  • £600,000 – to inject funds into a food wholesale business
  • £1,250,000 – to assist a care home to refurbish and expand
  • £42,000 – to provide bridging finance in 4 days

Just a selection from the 1000’s of clients we’ve worked with over the years.

If you have a need for business or commercial finance, why not give us a call, chat through your funding requirements and let’s see how we can help you.

We look forward to hearing from you!