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Last Minute Stocking Fillers!!

Are you looking for a last-minute stocking filler for the entrepreneur or business owner in your life? Then we have the perfect suggestion for you!


A book that we as a leadership team at Funding Track have read over the last couple of months is ‘Traction: Get a Grip on your Business by Mr Gino Wickman. Having read it, we are currently in the process of implementing it within the business here at Funding Track.


Consequently, and speaking from experience, we think it would be a perfect gift for any business owner looking to run a better more efficient business.


In the book, Wickman introduces EOS – The Entrepreneurs Operating System. Essentially, EOS is a set of operating tools for a business, and the book details each one, also providing a ‘how to’ of implementing each of the tools within your own business.


Whether your business is well established or just starting out, the operating system detailed in Traction can provide business owners with a solid foundation on which to build a successful business.


Traction describes in detail how business owners can gain control over their business, no matter the current circumstances. Wickman’s ideas and tools can be used whether your business is in difficulty, needs fine tuning or just clearer direction. And the EOS can be used by all business, regardless of the sector they are in or what their management style happens to be.


Traction promises to help business owners run their businesses more efficiently, as well as gain more control, whilst also having a much better work/life balance. Wickman has been building, developing and refining this system for over twenty years, and his ideas have real value for business owners. From our own experience of implementing the Entrepreneurs Operating System, it certainly delivers on what it promises.


Enjoy and have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!