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Introducing the Triple “A” Funding System

What is the Triple “A” Funding System?

Put simply, the Triple “A” Funding System is a 9-step process for obtaining business finance that gives you as a business owner the best possible chance of success.

Over the course of working with thousands of business clients, helping them raise finance, I have seen business owners and entrepreneurs regularly experience the same problem.

If I was to summarise the way businesses apply for finance, I would best describe it as “hit and hope”. And that’s the problem.

In other words, when business owners start the process of applying for finance, they go to their own bank “in the hope” that they’ll get the finance they need, but in truth, very often have no real idea as to whether they will get finance or not.

The reason is that when business owners need funding, they won’t necessarily have thought through in any detail what funding they need, how it should best be structured, what information they’ll need to provide to the lender and what process they’ll need to follow to get the finance they need.

The result is they hope they’ll get the business finance they need but they’re not really sure and so find themselves at the mercy of the lender they approach.

Surely there must be a better way?

Having worked with thousands of business owners over the last 25 years, I’ve discovered that when it comes to getting finance the same issue keeps coming up again and again – regardless of business sector or the type of funding needed.

The issue that keeps arising can best be described in one word – process.

By that I mean, when business owners are applying for finance, they need a process and most of the time they don’t have one.

Which brings me to the Triple “A” Funding System.

This is a System I’ve created, developed and ‘fine-tuned’ over the many years I’ve worked with business clients.

Essentially, it is a 9-Step System or ‘roadmap’ that I use every time I work with a client.

You will see from the graphic that the System is split into three phases – the Analysis phase, the Application phase and the Approval phase – hence the Triple “A” Funding System!

Within each phase there are 3 steps, each one building on the next to create the full 9-step process.

In effect, what the Triple “A” Funding System does is ‘codify’ the entire process of applying for business finance thus making the journey towards obtaining finance much more predictable.

Having introduced the Triple “A” Funding System this week, in the coming weeks I’ll examine each of the nine steps in the process, how they fit together and how they give you as a business owner the best possible chance of getting finance.

Next week we’ll be introducing arguably the most important phase in the whole process – the Analysis Phase and begin with step one – the Deal Recon.