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How To Prepare Your Business For Easter


Holiday periods offer great opportunities for business owners. It allows them to explore their creativity and to advertise and boost their brand. And Easter provides the perfect opportunity.


Social Media

Social media is perhaps the best marketing weapon in many businesses’ arsenal, and it can be used for more than posting business updates and advertising your business. During the holiday period, it is a great way to allow customers to interact with your business on a virtual level. For instance, running an Easter-themed competition is a great way to encourage your customers. Be creative and offer a prize and a “shoutout” to the winner. These are fantastic ways to help people engage with your brand.


If you are offering any special discounts or incentives, make sure that these are shared across all of your social media channels.



Use Your Website

Your website is the face of your business in today’s modern world and using it to drive users and customers during the holiday period is something that should be taken advantage of. You could devise an Easter Egg hunt. Hide Easter eggs throughout your website and via social media and direct marketing ask your customers to find the eggs. This will not only drive traffic but will also allow your customers to view products or services that they would not usually access, meaning potentially more business.



Direct Marketing

Your direct marketing should be focused on customers who know you, and who have contacted you in the past. Take the opportunity to send out personalised Easter cards as a great way to drive re-engagement. The focus here is personalised. Make sure that the card is addressed to the individual person. In today’s world of mass marketing, these small details go a very long way. You can also use direct mail to advertise activities happening on your website.


Thank You Campaign

Obtaining customers is key for any business, but keeping customers is something that also requires ongoing work. Create a campaign for your loyal customers. Offering them a discount or sending them a personalised Easter basket or Easter Egg is a great way to express your gratitude for their business. Customers are also more likely to recommend you to others. They will view you as a business that cares about their custom and knows how to treat customers in the right way.



Easter eggs are not just for children. If you have an in-person business, leaving a basket of free easter eggs for your customers is a great thing to do. Or placing a small easter egg or themed gift with their purchase whether in person or online. Small details go a long way. And everyone loves the idea of getting something for nothing!


Get Creative

Remember to get creative with your ideas. Easter is seen as a fun time so reflect this in your marketing. But there is a fine line. There are only so many times your customers can view the word “egg-cellent” without a resigned sigh! Do not be afraid to be different but at the same time have fun with it. Consider revealing the human side to your business. Maybe take a team photo and then photoshop this with eggs, bunnies and chicks. It goes without saying that anything you do must still be on brand.


Easter is not just important for retail businesses, if done correctly any business can use this holiday as a key tool to drive traffic and custom through targeted marketing.


Good Luck and Happy Easter!


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