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What Can Roger Federer Teach Us About Success In Business – Part 2?

Last week I took some Roger Federer quotes and asked the question: “what can he teach us about success in business”? Quite a lot it turns out.

He is arguably the greatest male tennis player of all time. He has won an unprecedented 20 Grand Slam titles and has just returned to No.1 in the world.

And, when many other players at his age are hanging up their rackets, he is proving at 36 that age needn’t be an issue.

So, what can Federer teach us as business owners? Amongst other things:

  • Motivation
  • Never giving up
  • A desire to win
  • Persistence

These Roger Federer quotes are from and as I said last week, we may never be great tennis players but some of the lessons we can learn from Federer will help motivate us as business owners.

So here they are:

  1. “You have to believe in the long-term plan, but you need the short-term goals to motivate and inspire you”

Lesson: When things aren’t going well it is easy to give up on a long-term plan. That’s why we need short term goals – sometimes even daily or weekly – they keep us focused and motivated. When the going gets tough focus on your next short-term goal, achieve it and move on to the next one.

  1. “Previously I always thought it was just tactical and technique, but really every match is mental and physical. I try to push myself to move well. I try to push myself not to get upset and stay positive, and that’s what my biggest improvement is over all these years. Under pressure I can see things very clearly”

Lesson: Whatever it is that you do – singing, writing, playing tennis, running a business. It’s all about mindset. Stay strong, stay positive, stay in the moment – particularly when you’re under pressure.

  1. “I’ve always been aware that the image you patiently construct for an entire career can be ruined in a minute. It scares you a bit, but that’s the way things are”

Lesson: Building a reputation takes time. Look after your reputation, protect it, nurture it. Remember, in business your good reputation can be destroyed in an instant. So be mindful.

  1. “Sometimes you have to accept that a guy played better on the day than you”

Lesson: You will fail no matter how good you are. Even Roger Federer doesn’t win all the time! Remember that losing, experiencing hard times, is all part of life. Losing isn’t the end of the world. It’s what you do after you’ve lost that counts. So, keep focused on your end goal.

  1. “Once you find that peace, that place of peace and quiet, harmony and confidence, that’s when you start playing your best”

Lesson: This very often happens when you are mindful, when you’re in the moment. Things just seems to flow, and you perform at your best. “Being in flow” comes from a place of peace within yourself and confidence in your ability. Like Federer, you’ll know when you’re in flow.

  1. “I fear no one, but respect everyone”

Lesson: We can either be fearful of someone or we can disrespect them. Neither of those extremes are a great place to be. Remember, all human beings are equal, irrespective of social status, economic standing or cultural background. In business, it doesn’t matter who it is, respect them but don’t be afraid of them.