About You

Our Mission:

To help the UK’s business owners get the funding they need.

As a business owner you may be a:

  • Sole trader
  • Partnership
  • Limited company
  • Limited liability partnership

It doesn’t matter because whatever your trading format –

bottom line is – you’re an entrepreneur!

The word gets banded around a lot, but what is an entrepreneur?

I like the definition on Dictionary.com – they define an entrepreneur as:

“Someone who organises and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”

Sound familiar? Especially the bit about risk!

An entrepreneur in the purest sense is an individual like you who identifies a need and then goes out there and fills it!

Entrepreneurs like you are the ones coming up with the next idea, solving the next problem, looking for the next opportunity. You’re the ones looking to see what’s over the horizon.

You’re the wealth creators – the ones who turn £1 into £2; then £2 into £10; then £10 into £100 and so on.

As entrepreneurs, you’re the ones creating something out of nothing.

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Richard Branson… they all created something out of nothing.

And, all be it on a slightly smaller scale, that’s what you do too. Entrepreneurs and business owners like you should be celebrated.

And on your entrepreneurial journey….often you’ll need funding to help you grow and develop and to enable your business to thrive.

At Funding Track, we want to help you get the funding you need, when you need it, so that to paraphrase Steve Jobs: “you can put a ding in your universe.”

More than ever we need entrepreneurs just like you. Go for it and enjoy the journey!