10 Reasons Why Businesses Succeed

One of the sad realities of business is that only a small percentage of all start-ups succeed. Starting a company is a risky business. Entrepreneurs face obstacles at every turn. Of course, we [...]

What is Development Exit Finance? – Part 2

I introduced development exit finance in last week’s blog. Essentially, when a developer completes a project, the houses or flats then go on the market for sale. But if, as is the case in the [...]

What is Development Exit Finance? – Part 1

A report by Which? last month examined the housing market and what Brexit will mean for house prices. Go here if you want to read the report in full: One of the metrics they used as a way of [...]

What is a Debenture?

In last week’s blog, I looked at personal guarantees. This week I’m examining debentures. What are they? And what role do they play? Debentures are essentially all about insolvency. In other [...]