The Insider Secrets of
How to Get Finance
For your Business

Every business owner wants financial freedom

Every business owner starts up in business for one reason – freedom! Freedom of time, freedom to see more of family and friends, freedom to take holidays. And not least financial freedom..

And yet the reality can be so different – with many business owners ending up tired, frustrated and struggling to keep all the “balls in the air”.

And of course, there are the financial pressures:

  • The bank reduces the overdraft
  • Your loan application is declined
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Result? Cash flow issues

Sound familiar?

As a business owner myself I completely understand the challenges.

As a result, at Funding Track, we’re passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive and grow by providing them with the bespoke funding solutions they need.

Our expertise has helped 1000’s of businesses get finance. And we can help your business too…

The “Triple ‘A’ Funding System” in 3 Simple Steps:


Analysing your funding requirements
is crucial. It means we know exactly
how we can help you. We do this
using our unique ‘Deep Dive
Evaluation’ process. This means, not
only do we know how we can help
you, we can also give you a clear
strategy for the way forward.


This is the secret sauce! We’ve
developed a unique system – our ‘Six
Stage Funding Application’. We use it
every time we make a funding
application to our lenders. It speeds
up response times, and is often the
difference between success and
failure when applying for finance.


Good news! Your finance application
has been approved. At this point, the
formal documentation including the
offer letter are issued. We are still
very much involved in the process,
ensuring a successful completion to
your deal and a smooth release of
funds. Congratulations, you’ve got
your finance!

What our clients say:

Successfully secured both bridging
and development finance

My company has used Keith Park to
successfully secure both bridging and
development finance on various projects.
I found the service he provided very
professional and the process
straightforward with Keith’s help

Tony Harrison
Globe Estates

Honest, diligent and extremely knowledgeable

Richmond Hill Associates has been
referring commercial loan clients to Keith
Park for over 15 years. As a company we
take pride in the quality of our service
and look for the same high standards
from others. Keith has consistently
delivered on these criteria.

Janice Newlove
Richmond Hill Associates

Definitely someone to have on speed

Keith provided me with an invaluable
service to obtain everything I needed to
get my project off the ground. He
achieved what numerous other brokers
had failed to do, and has great
relationships with lenders enabling a
quick and smooth process.

Pete Phillips

FIND OUT: The Insider Secrets of How to Get Finance for your Business

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FIND OUT: The Insider Secrets of How to Get Finance for your Business

Get our FREE 4-Point “Access to Funding” Checklist

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